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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Learn to make a professional classical ballet tutu

In August this year Tutus that Dance will be running it's third tutu Seminar.
Here are some of the reasons a seminar like this is invaluable.

Like most arts, knowledge and experience are two very major factors. What we are striving to
do is offer both by guiding you, step by step thru construction and more importantly explain and showing “the whys and how’s” ...something is done. It’s not just learning how to make a tutu we’re teaching, but WHY a tutu is made the way it is. We don’t just focus on a “project” but teaching the art of tutus. Understanding what a dancer needs, how both lighting and distance effects what you choose, the importance of silhouettes, body lines, and the movement of the tutu….just making a “pretty” tutu is not the goal.
At a seminar, you’ll learn all this in an intense, short period of time that is designed to teach you as much as possible, efficiently as possible, and answer questions as they come up. Each class has notes printed out, so you don’t have to stop and write as we’re working, you’ll also be able to talk with others, share experiences and hopefully build friendships and form new contacts.
More advance classes, will also offer the opportunity to “try” new things, experiment, ask questions, and test things out without the expense of buying all that is needed to do so. We’ll be practicing airbrushing, dyeing and painting, draping fabric, using stretch fabrics, making appliqu├ęs, working on shapes and uses of ruffles and much more.
Classes on pattern alteration will show how make alterations both for size and design and how to take a clients measurements and make a custom tutu that fits. Both Women’s fitting and Men’s class will work on real dancers so you can test things out on them as well as ask them questions. So much more useful than learning on a dress form which in most cases is not shaped like a dancer, nor where you can test the movement.
Yes they are long days, and yes there is much to cover, but we do have fun and offer a place to learn the “art of the tutu”. Hope you can join us~

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