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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cool stuff you can learn at our tutu seminar

Just another example of what you can learn~
not only "construction" or "design" but how to make it work for your clients needs. Does it need to be alter-able? Will you be able to fit it before finishing all the trims? just having to take in a inch in the front would could easily run a beautiful "design". We'll learn "what you need to know" before construction begins.

Friday, July 20, 2012

How to make a tutu

If you have ever wanted to learn to make a professional quality classical tutu, either traditional or stretch, come to Las Vegas in August.

Tutu making classes

Still a few places left in our August seminar, for details check out the website, Facebook page or email Suzanne. All links are under the title photo.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How good is the "Tutus that Dance" seminar? Here is what one of last years students has to say.

Last year Linda came all the way from Perth, Australia to attend the Tutus that Dance seminar in Las Vegas. This is what she had to say about her experience.

"I had started to fall in love with tutu making about a year before the seminar when my daughter needed a tutu for her first solo and I discovered Tutus That Dance’s fabulous patterns.  Whilst the information I had already learnt from online sources had helped me make several tutus, I knew that an opportunity to learn tutu construction in person, from experts, would provide an opportunity to accelerate my learning and help me achieve the results I wanted much faster.  Suzanne and Dani are both excellent instructors, fun, patient and so very generous with their extensive knowledge.  With a backdrop of Las Vegas, a great venue at Suncoast for sewing and dining as well as a fabulous, friendly group of attendees ranging from fellow beginners to accomplished costume creators, every element worked together to make this an amazing, inspirational and fun experience.  I came away from the Tutu Seminar with new skills, new friends, great memories, two very full suitcases stuffed with tutus and the inspiration that comes from meeting others who are already living your dream.  I can’t wait until I can come back!"

Here are some of the beautiful tutus Linda has made. using the knowledge she gained at the seminar.
Linda made this stunning tutu for her daughter to wear at ballet competitions.

This traditional tutu is made from Suzanne's pattern

Linda also learnt to make headpieces at the seminar.

Lydia, Linda's beautiful daughter, with a medal from a Perth ballet competition.
Stretch classical tutu made from velvet lycra, using one of Dani Legge's patterns.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tutu for YAGP

Suzanne made this beautiful tutu and it was decorated by the dancer's mother. Perfect fit and lovely lines.

Stretch lycra classical tutus

 Guest teacher Dani Legge will be at our seminar in August, teaching stretch tutu making. These tutus are perfect for growing girls and also for schools as the same tutu will fit (and fit well) on different body shapes. Here are a few examples.

Learn to make a ballet tutu

If you have always wanted to make a classical tutu, we offer classes covering both stretch and traditional tutus. There are still places available at out next seminar in Las Vegas in August. Our comprehensive course offers more basic classes as well as advanced options, and also tiara classes, fitting classes and men's costume classes. It's also great fun and a wonderful way to meet people with similar interests. For more info check out the website or email

Sugar plum Fairy tutu

Isn't this a wonderful photo of one of Suzanne's beautiful tutus on the lovely Yoomi Lee.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still a few places available in seminar classes

There are still a few places available for the Tutu Seminar in Las Vegas in August, don't miss out!
For more information check out our website or email Suzanne at

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Learn to make a ballet tiara

Some examples of the sorts of ballet headpieces you can learn to make.

Proof that stretch tutus can look fabulous!

For anyone who thinks that stretch tutus are only a second rate version of "proper" tutus, here is Ashleigh McKimmie of Australia winning the Cecchetti International Ballet Competition in Manchester UK last year, in a stretch tutu made by guest teacher Dani Legge.

Some photos from previous seminars

Not all romantic tutus are the same!

Not all romantics are created equal. Silhouette, movement and style are determined by the nets and tulles used, the number of layers and the amount in each. These are what you'll learn in the ROMANTIC CLASS~

Giselle romantic tutu

Learn how to make a stunning romantic tutu like this one at the our tutu seminar in August.

This tutu is a combination of our "magic" bodice and a traditional skirt.
Dancers are Yoomi Lee and Kuydong Kwak, costumes by Suzanne Dieckmann and wardrobe department of the Las vegas Ballet Company.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

More information about Suzanne

Suzanne Dieckmann
Suzanne Dieckmann has been involved in ballet most of her life, as a dancer, teacher, ballet coach and owner of her own school.  Throughout her career she has worked with and on tutus from conception to completion, as well as alterations and refurbishing. With her background in dance, she has invaluable knowledge of what a dancer needs and how to best show off their art.  Many of her tutus have been used in prestigious competitions, and worn by professional dancers of major companies.  She has worked with well known designers and also as wardrobe mistress. Now working free lance, she has time to share what she has learned ..........Tutus that dance!

More information about Tutus that Dance Seminars and sewing patterns on Facebook

more patterns!/TutuPatterns   

Learn to make a professional classical ballet tutu

In August this year Tutus that Dance will be running it's third tutu Seminar.
Here are some of the reasons a seminar like this is invaluable.

Like most arts, knowledge and experience are two very major factors. What we are striving to
do is offer both by guiding you, step by step thru construction and more importantly explain and showing “the whys and how’s” ...something is done. It’s not just learning how to make a tutu we’re teaching, but WHY a tutu is made the way it is. We don’t just focus on a “project” but teaching the art of tutus. Understanding what a dancer needs, how both lighting and distance effects what you choose, the importance of silhouettes, body lines, and the movement of the tutu….just making a “pretty” tutu is not the goal.
At a seminar, you’ll learn all this in an intense, short period of time that is designed to teach you as much as possible, efficiently as possible, and answer questions as they come up. Each class has notes printed out, so you don’t have to stop and write as we’re working, you’ll also be able to talk with others, share experiences and hopefully build friendships and form new contacts.
More advance classes, will also offer the opportunity to “try” new things, experiment, ask questions, and test things out without the expense of buying all that is needed to do so. We’ll be practicing airbrushing, dyeing and painting, draping fabric, using stretch fabrics, making appliqu├ęs, working on shapes and uses of ruffles and much more.
Classes on pattern alteration will show how make alterations both for size and design and how to take a clients measurements and make a custom tutu that fits. Both Women’s fitting and Men’s class will work on real dancers so you can test things out on them as well as ask them questions. So much more useful than learning on a dress form which in most cases is not shaped like a dancer, nor where you can test the movement.
Yes they are long days, and yes there is much to cover, but we do have fun and offer a place to learn the “art of the tutu”. Hope you can join us~