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Monday, January 21, 2013

More classes available in Sydney and Melbourne!!

 We are offering two more classes in Sydney and one in Melbourne

"TUTU TACKING FORM" CLASS: $75 (evening 6pm Wed 13 Feb in Melbourne, Mon 25 Feb in Sydney) includes everything (even pre-made "body") but the stuffing! You'll need to bring approx 400 gr of siliconised stuffing.
We WILL be using these in the CLASSICAL TUTU CLASS for tacking. Will have some to sell, limited amounts! 

These are perfect for the tutu builder! Get perfect angles while tacking, steaming, they also turn upside down for working underneath. Plus makes it easy to work on plates and embellishing! Classes will be both in Melbourne and Sydney, in the evening, before the classical tutu class gets to tacking, so you can use them then. 


Dani Legge will be teaching "tiara's" in Sydney! 21 and 22 February , in the evenings. Class goes for both evenings.  $150 (all supplies included)

Both classes only available to those registered for seminar~

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